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Wipeout 2097

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Released: 1996

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Psygnosis

Submitted by: Joe Shaw

The first game i bought on the PS1 remains one of my faviroute games of all time.

Released a year after the original game Wipeout 2097 intoduces the faster F5000 AG racing league, new tracks, new teams and new craft.

The Wipeout series was becoming one of the coolest franchises in gaming history and broke through into the mainstream with its unique look, branding and soundtrack. A huge part of this was down to the now sadly closed down Designers Republic who returned on this game to work on the visual style and unforgettable artwork.

Red Bull also features heavily in the in game advetrising at a time when the drink and brand itself was still relativly unknown outside of Europe.

In terms of gameplay you still had to position in the top 3 of each race to progress further through the Vector, Venom , Rapier and Phantom classes. Each class increasing the speed and in turn the difficulty.

Unlike the previous game you could now eliminate other ships with your weapons, and be eliminated yourself, adding a new tactical slant to each race.

The handling was tweaked and the ships handled so much better in this game compared to the original which were way to 'floaty' for my liking.

You cant talk about the Wipeout series without mentioning the music and 2097 was no exception. Tunes from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Future Sound of London made a huge aural impact to the game, instantly making this such a cool game to play. CoLD SToRAGE also returned to add several brilliant tunes. Interestingly the game soundtrack and soundtrack album do not contain the same collections of music.

No other game has had such an impact on me as this one has. I never though a game could feel so futuristic but still so relevant for the time. Coming from the 16bit era into this was mindblowing.