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WWF Attitude

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Released: 1999

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Developer: Iguana Entertainment

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

WWF Attitude is the sequel to WWF War Zone and it appeared on every console at the time with me owning a N64 version. The game is based on what many wrestling fans claim to be the biggest and best period ever in wrestling "The Attitude Era". However me and a small majority of wrestling fans believe this to be the worst era in the history of wrestling and this to me is the worst wrestling game in history.

WWF Attitude had a decent sized roster, had decent graphics (when in a match) and the commentary of Jerry Lawler and Shane Mcmahon. Yet the game has got some of the worst controls ever in the history of a wrestling game because the player has got to remember impossible button combinations to successfully hit moves which as expected is very frustrating. Added to this the entrances on this game are ghastly and the commentary quickly becomes annoying rather than a novelty. The matches themselves are nearly all the same because unless you can remember the button combinations for moves it is basically a really bad fighting game with a cage match as a match type. Create a Wrestler is present as ever but again it doesn't make you want to come back for more but rather never come back ever again.

I find it sad that this game is so bad because it is a tribute to the late Owen Hart, who if your a wrestling fan died of a terrible stunt accident just before this game was made and was posthumously added to the roster as a tribute to him.

To conclude WWF Attitude is I feel the worst wrestling game ever made. It has terrible gameplay, annoying commentary and mediocre graphics. It is sad that this is the last game to have Owen Hart as an officially licensed wrestler as it isn't a good one and for fans of Owen, like myself, the last time they can truly play as him in a wrestling game. Unless you are a WWF game addict I would recommend buying WWF No Mercy or WWF Wrestlemania 2000 as they are N64 wrestling games you can truly enjoy.

WWF Attitude

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Released: 1999

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Iguana Entertainment

Submitted by: James Holian

Graphically, this is the best looking version of WWF Attitude on any console, (although it‘s not saying much). The wrestlers look sharper and more detailed than their PS1 and N64 counterparts. While not much has been improved, a lot of the jaggies and choppiness have been eliminated. Sadly, the minor improvements are the only thing that's noteworthy about the graphics. While some of the wrestling maneuvers look excellent, the majority of them look off. Some moves are just clunky, while others look ridiculous. Even worse is the horrible clipping. It's very hard to enjoy a wrestling title when your arm is going through your opponent. While the collision detection seems to have been slightly improved over the PS1 and N64 versions, it's still beyond horrible.Unfortunately, they chose not to utilize the power of the Dreamcast.
The entrance music is crisp and clear, providing for a realistic entrance. The wrestlers each have little trash-talking audio clips which give the game a nice little touch. The commentary is done by Jerry Lawler and Shane McMahon. The sounds and thuds of bodies hitting the mat are pretty good, as is the bashing of weapons.

The controls are the most irritating thing about this game. They respond only when they want to respond. The whole combo system is a very good idea that, if refined, could actually work really well.
WWF Attitude featured a lot of game modes that were previously unseen in wrestling titles, like the Gauntlet or the Lumberjack matches. But again, innovative game modes are killed by unresponsive controls and poor collision detection.
The Create-A-Wrestler was good for its time, but was quickly overshadowed by the PS1 Smackdown games.
Dreamcast never really got a killer wrestling game, (at least in the UK) but if youre a WWF fan you would be better off with WWF Royal Rumble or the Japanese only Giant Gram titles. WWF Attitude just doesn’t cut it.