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WWF Warzone

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Released: 1998

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Acclaim

Submitted by: David Fisher

WWF Warzone was the first game by the US wrestling powerhouse to move out of the cartoony 2D arcade style battlers and into 3D sports simulation.

The roster features wrestlers of varying fame from the 1997 era WWF and a create-a-wrestler mode which was quite in-depth for it's time.

The commentary is fantastic for a game of it's age and whilst it becomes repetitive, it really made the game stand out in 1998.

The in-ring action requires you to remember sequences of button pushes for particular move and finishers but works quite nicely.  The voice acting of the wrestlers is another matter, all in all though it's a tone that sits quite well with the theatrics of pro-wrestling.  It adds a charm to the game years later unlike other elder-sports titles with bad commentary and sound effects.

It's a steeper learning curve than 2011-era WWE games making it a joy to play with others.  Timing and memory were crucial to success here.  It's something that makes the game more replayable now than some of the other WWF/WWE games that are now churned out yearly and feature little innovation on the last title.

Annoyances include the poor crowd noise, lacklustre career mode and small improvements (such as stopping a pin when you wish) that were made in later titles but the title remains playable for at least a bout or two between friends.

The game works best as a multiplayer game as the career mode is very repetitive and there is no reward for continuing once you become WWF champion in career mode.

The graphics are laughable now but at the time were cutting edge for such a title.  This game was the high watermark for PS wrestling titles in the 20th century on Playstation.  It may not be No Mercy for the N64 but without Warzone, there would have been no No Mercy to begin with.

The best there is, the best there was and the best there every will be?  Probably not but it was a fun while it lasted.