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WWF Wrestlemania 2000

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Released: 1999

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: THQ

Developer: Asmik

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

This game was probably better known for its release on the Nintendo 64. This was THQ's first attempt at a WWF wrestling game for the GameBoy Color and was released at the height of WWF's success. To be fair to THQ, there was no way they were going to be able to make the GBC version of this game as impressive as its big brother but they weren't just cashing in, they have actually mad a decent hand held wrestling game. Not ground breaking, but a decent game of this type.

There are only 16 characters (15 playable) in the handheld version as opposed to the N64's 57 (including unlockables) as well as being able to make your own characters, but perhaps its unfair to compare it to a 64-bit game for a more advanced console. The makers have taken the time to add simple bios for all the wrestlers in the game.

This version has five seperate game modes, as well as a training mode. The simple vs mode has the added option of being held in a cage match, but the little touch in this game that I liked was the inclusion of being able to carry on the fight outside of the ring. This was something that was very big in new wrestling games at the time, obviously this went to another level with games like smackdown where you could go into different rooms, in this game you can only have a little brawl on the mats outside the ring but it is a nice feature to have which does make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. There are no big entrances with video footage as you'd expect but in championship mode, the maker's have made their own remakes of the entrance videos and and music.

Its a shame that this was released as a handheld version of the N64 game instead of a release in its own right as it is quite a playable game but just about any review you'll read, incuding my own, makes it a comparison of its much more developed counter part. It doesn't have 3D gameplay, it doesn't have the proper entrances or a ot of the features the N64 version has, but take it as it is, and compare it to other handheld games instead of home console games.

Available wrestlers in the game:

– Big Boss Man

– Big Show

– Bily Gunn

– Jeff Jarrett

– Kane

– Ken Shamrock

– Mankind

– Road Dogg

– The Rock

– Shawn Michaels

– Stone Cold Steve Austin

– Triple H

– The Undertaker

– Val Venis

– Vnce McMahon (Unplayable Boss)

– X-Pac