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Xtreme Racing

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Released: 1996

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Amiga 1200

Publisher: Black Magic

Developer: Silltunna

Submitted by: Paul Kitching

Released a few years after Mario Kart, this excellent racing game did more than enough to keep me happy at the time, and it's one of the best racing games ever released on the Amiga (though installing it on a Hard Drive, and having a powerful Amiga is highly recommended – eg. A1200 040 with extra RAM).

It does exactly as you would expect, with turbo boosts, weapons, jumps, track obstacles, different terrain conditions, etc., as well as allowing two Amigas to be linked together for up to eight human players (maximum of four on one machine, though the view gets thinner the more you have). You can also make your own tracks which is an absolutely fantastic feature and caused me to spend many weeks creating my own (including re-creating a real life track I'd raced round in a real Go-Kart). The editor is extremely configurable, allowing you to create your own graphics (including animations), sound effects, map screen, intro picture, CPU drivers route, etc. (see my “Aliens” themed track above left, for one I created).

Races can be cups, seasons, single races, or a death match arena battle (some of these types of race include a shop where you can purchese upgrades). The in-game options let you tilt the camera, change screen sizes, adjust several graphics quality options, and more. The number of laps and CPU opponents is selectable from the main menu, where you can also change sound options and other multi-player settings. They haven't left anything out when it comes to customisation! You can even save your lap times to a text files or merge your lap time file with your friends file.

The initial release was later upgraded to version 2 which is the version I played. This fixed a few concerns players had, so if you want to try it, get Ver.2 installed on your A1200's HD, (or a virtual HD under emulation) and have a great time with Xtreme Racing.