The History Of Bonk

The PC Engine was massively popular in Japan and had it’s own answer to Mario in the form of PC Kid. Known as Bonk in the West, this is the story of his popular adventures.
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PC Genjin

Darran takes a fond look back at one of the PC Engine’s best platformers.
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Toilet Kids

There are some things in this life that truly seem to belie reality: paranormal occurrences, UFO’s, bigfoot and finally the subject of our review here today, namely, Toilet Kids…

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Star Parodier

I have a massive soft spot for those rare occasions when the mighty shmup genre drops its biomechanical facade in favour of a more mind bending aesthetic: Parodious, Cho Aniki, Pop N' Twinbee, Fantasy Zone, Zonk, etc – I love 'em all! Now you may be asking yourself why on earth a 31 year old man would be addicted to such cutesy-cutesy nonsense and not playing the latest mind numbingly derivative FPS or the must-have, scar faced, superdude-with-attitude, open world affair of the moment? Well I think I just answered that question quite well and the key word is 'derivative…

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Legend of Hero Tonma

Following Ghouls and Ghosts was never going to be an easy job, but the humble Hero Tonma attempts to do just that – in his own special way…

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