Review: Sonic Mania

Sonic’s long-awaited 2D comeback is finally here, but is it everything we’d hoped for?
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Ultimate Guide: Rez

Celebrate the New Year by revisting one of the greatest games of all time. If you haven’t played it yet, you really should.
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Review – Lumo

Your definitive guide to one of the best videogame love letters we’ve played for some time.
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Pang Is Back!

DotEmu’s brand new game Pang Adventures is coming to PlayStation Network in April 2016
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The Last Of Us

Why Naughty Dog’s epic game is probably the best you’ll ever play. Warning, spoilers included.
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Resogun Review

Sony’s PS4 exclusive certainly looks pretty, but is it the PS4 saviour that many are claiming it to be. Darran Jones gets trigger happy.
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Win A PS4 With New Look Play

What? Play is evolving! With the launch of the PlayStation 4 now just days away, the leading unofficial PlayStation magazine Play has been overhauled to fall in line with the next generation hardware.
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