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So much has already been written about these games and their influence is still huge today, but here’s why I love Dizzy and the Dizzy collection.

The Dizzy brand was perfection and one of my first entry into the 80’s video game world along with Pacmania. The worlds were beautifully crafted but had a similar vibe throughout, the characters and their eccentricities were similar each time. Music, humour, puzzle solving and bizarre trippy layouts were all presented like a familiar old friend and each time a game come out it was like you were entering into a concept. It was this attention to branding that made the series so popular.

Much like a Mario or Zelda game today, Dizzy brings with it a whole plethora of connotations, cartoon psychedelia, and cutesy bizarreness. It was this ideal that brought with it a childlike wonder surrounding everything about the game which in turn made you care for the characters involved.

As soon as the loading lights strobed out from behind the first games loading graphic you are entering into a world in which to immerse yourself. It wasnt an arcade blaster or fighting frenzy, it was the thinking mans text adventure arcade game. Dizzy is arguably among the first to have expansive games that involve a bit of brain matter with a “brand” like Mario or Pac Man.

With a genius inventory system and its sometimes downright weird puzzles it made you want to be “present” with the game instead of just dip into it.

Sometimes infuriating, sometime cruel, but always charming, expansive, and beautifully crafted, that first Dizzy game on the C64 will always be my first.