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Magic The Gathering Online

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I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering for around 18 years.

Yes it’s a collectible card game, but it remains one of the best around, thanks to a constant stream of new cards and fresh and exciting gameplay mechanics that constantly keep it fresh. In short it’s a superb strategy game that allows you to play the game in a large variety of different ways depending on your play style.

magic deck editing

I know longer play the physical card game, because quite simply, I can’t afford to. Ever since Mythic (extremely rare cards) arrived on the scene, the second hand market has become ridiculous and it’s not uncommon for many mythic rares to debut at £25+.

When you consider that you need at least 4 cards of the same type to improve your chances of drawing them, Magic starts getting very, very expensive. At one time I had decks worth close to £500, something had to give and needless to say it was my bank balance.

magic album

Nowadays I play exclusively online and there’s many reasons for it. Firstly, it’s a lot cheaper. Cards are still expensive, but as I’ve been playing for other 10 years I’ve picked up a few decent cards. The main reason I play though is for convenience. It’s hard to play locally where I live, so the ability to play online at any time is not to be sniffed at.

I also love collecting things, and the ability to look through my collection at any time sates the 12-year old kid in me who used to love collecting stickerbooks and bubble gum cards.

magic winning

Add in a huge variety of different game modes, and the ability to sell on your cards, compete in tournaments and even redeem certain digital cards for physical product, and Magic becomes pretty addictive. Yes it feels a little too expensive at times, but it remains a highly entertaining strategy game that remains insanely addictive. I’ll see you online!

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