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Power Stone 2

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powerstone2Flavour of the month in the Retro Gamer office this month is Dreamcast lunchtime. What does this involve, you ask? Simple: a Dreamcast, four pads and a disc wallet full of the console’s best multiplayer games. It’s all very well our colleagues on other magazines playing stuff like Gang Beasts, which we’ll concede is brilliant, but in an age of emulation there’s something excellent about getting a group of people together with real retro hardware and throwing down as Capcom intended it.

Today, retrobates, we played Power Stone 2.¬†Power Stone 2 is awesome because it’s the most ridiculously chaotic four-player game. People chucking bombs, submarines sinking and resurfacing, missile blasts, the lot. The game’s level environments are what elevates it above the likes of Super Smash Bros Melee as a party game – running from rolling boulders Temple Of Doom style, trying to grab umbrellas while in freefall and even scaling castles to avoid a rain of fire. The action was hectic enough to turn the air a little bit blue, especially when we revived a writer for Play after he’d put his pad down so we could hit him more! I get the feeling this is going to be a bit of a staple at lunchtimes from now on…


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