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Submitted by: Paul Staddon

There are plenty of cool videogame characters, but Street Fighter’s Ryu is easily one of the best.

Granted, things didn’t start off well, as he had some shocking hair in the original Street Fighter, but as the franchise evolved, so too did Ryu.

He’s the polar opposite of rival Ken, the calming Japanese Ying, to Ken’s brash American Yang. While he wants to be the best, it’s not at the expense of others (although he has something of a rivalry with bad guy Sagat.

ryu wins

There’s something calming about Ryu that I really enjoy and it’s rather telling that he’s one of the few characters from the franchise who has gone on to appear in virtually every main game and spin-off.

Boasting cool special moves and one of the niftiest outfits in gaming, Ryu is a difficult character to not fall in love with. Considering his popularity throughout the series, many others obviously agree with me.

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