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Sega Dreamcast

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dreamcastWhy wouldn’t you love Sega’s Dreamcast? It’s the natural successor to the Saturn and shows Sega at its most creative.

Yes, Sony’s PlayStation 2 was impossible to ignore with its promise of the “Emotion Engine” and the sheer backing of millions of expectant PlayStation owners, but Sega didn’t care. The Dreamcast felt like it existed in its own bubble, and Sega’s juices were constantly flowing.

Crazy Taxi, Samba Di Amigo, Phantasy Star Online, The House Of The Dead 2, Jet Set Radio, Seaman, Shenmue, Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Skies Of Arcadia, Space Channel 5, Powerstone, Rez, Virtua Tennis, the list of great and often imaginative titles just went on and on. It was almost as if Sega knew it was on its last roll of the dice and it decided to go out all guns blazing.

Yes it made baffling adverts that failed to deliver on the promises that were made, and yes it had a relatively short lifespan for a Sega console, but by god there was some quality games on it. Dreamcast helped making online gaming acceptable for consoles users, proved that Sega had lost none of the innovation that had made its arcade games so pioneering and actually delivered some half-decent 3D Sonic games. The fact that it remains well supported with a host of unofficial shooters should tell you everything you need to know about the popularity of Sega’s last console.

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