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Why I Love Mr Do

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There’s a lot of reasons I adore Universal’s Mr Do.

Firstly it’s a genuinely fantastic game that features all sorts of clever gameplay mechanics to explore and play around with. Mainly though I love it because of Dig Dug.

Namco’s Dig Dug is a terribly dull game in comparison, but because of Namco’s contacts, Dig Dug went on to become a massive success, while Mr Do languished in the corner of arcades, and now appears to largely be forgotten by today’s gamers.


 Get all the cherries for an easy win.

“What about Dig Dug?” They ask me in conversation. “What about Dig Dug?” I reply. It’s just not very good. Granted the blowing things up with a pump is a neat-ish mechanic, but Universal’s game takes that idea and puts its on spin on things.

Mr Do is a clown with a ball, a powerful ball that he can chuck at pursuing enemies. You can’t get too trigger-happy with it however, as it takes longer and longer to recharge, and all the while, those darned enemies are closing in on you.

Fortunately, there are loads of apples in the tunnels that our clown inhabits, apples that can be used to trap enemies (just like the rocks in Dig Dug). But Mr Do goes further than Namco’s game, by giving you additional ways of clearing stages.


Apples can be used to trap enemies.

While you can finish levels by simply killing enemies, you can also complete them by gathering all the cherries found on each stage. It allows you to constantly rethink your strategies while playing, ensuring that there are always options available to you.

And that’s why my love for Mr Do burns so brightly, while my hatred for Dig Dug swells in my belly like a malignant tumor. Mr Do may not be original (both games borrow heavily from The Pit) but it tries its hardest to at least push those well-used ideas into fresh and exciting directions.

Fuelled by genuinely fantastic graphics and an insanely catchy theme tune, Mr Do is an utter delight and a charming underdog that anyone can get behind.So take this opportunity to dig out Universal’s game and discover its magic for yourself. Then we can ensure that Dig Dug’s praise can finally be given to the bumbling clown that truly deserves it.

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